1,000 More Free Award Miles from Lufthansa Miles & More

Monday I posted an offer to earn 500 quick easy Miles & More award miles. The only catch was that the offer was in German so you needed to use Chrome’s translate feature or Google.com/translate to help you fill it out. Well it looks like there is another offer for free Lufthansa Miles & More miles and once again it is in German.

lufthansa plane above the clouds

If you do not use Chrome, I would highly recommend you download it as it makes translating these deals a piece of cake as it actually translates the existing page into English for you while retaining the websites current format. It is pretty slick.

Anyway this particular offer is through Best Western and their partnership with Lufthansa and is worth 1,000 free miles! This offer is actually sent to Best Western Rewards members to celebrate reaching the milestone of being a member for 10 years.

1000 birthday miles from lufthansa adn best western


The form is pretty short and to the point on this one. It shouldn’t take you but a minute or two and then you can be on your way 1,000 miles richer. Every point counts.

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